*This work is carried out under a programme of and funded by the European Space Agency.

UWB Positioning & Communications

Ultra Wide Band is an amendment to the 802.15.4 standard that describes an RF wireless communication technique based on very short (1 to 2 ns) impulses. CDS is implementing a combined solution for precise positioning and data communications.


Inter-Satellite Links

CDS is developing an Inter-Satellite Link (ISL) platform for Proximity Communications using Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology. The ISL is intended for Rendez Vous (RDV) and Docking scenarios in the newly developing space domain of In Orbit Servicing (IOS).

About CDS

The founder and CEO of CDS is Ovidiu Ratiu, an electronics and telecommunications engineer with more than 20 years of managing technology companies in the USA and Romania. Ovidiu holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering on the subject of Wireless Communications inside Spacecrafts and is an active resercher in the field of short and long distance communications for space and other extreme environments.
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Founded in 1994, Control Data Systems SRL (CDS) is a privately owned technology company based in Romania, a member state of ESA and the EU. CDS is a developer of communications products and technologies for extreme environments such as space.

One thing that sets CDS apart is the drive towards innovation and a recognition for the importance of R&D. CDS has performed extensive research in the space domain, having executed many R&D projects with ESA funding. In addition to cooperation with leading technical universities in Romania CDS has prior experience working with some of the largest prime contractors in the European space industry.

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